timetable and fees

The course of treatment and fees


One session lasts 60 minutes for adults, most likely less for children and infants.


The time between 2 sessions depends on the patient reactions after treatment.

Symptoms should decline after treatment, otherwise a new appointment has to be made.


Basic Osteopathy is not covered by basic Health Insurance. Additional Insurance will refund a fraction of the fee. For details check with your insurance company.

As osteopath D.O., I am listed at the following Registers and Health Insurances:

  • EMR
  • ASC
  • Visiana and EKG

One treatment charge is SFr 160,--

Dates reserved will not be charged if canceled 24 hours ahead of time.

Examples for application

Basically Osteopathy is helpful for functional disorders of the body independant of the patient's age.

Children and babies

The goal of the treatment is to restore the harmony in the Bodys’ system and to support its ability of self-healing.