What is osteopathy

What is osteopathy

Osteopathy is a complete medical approach allowing the diagnosis and treatment of the human system. Osteopathy turns our organism back to its natural function evidenced in harmonic motion, heartbeat, breath and intestinal peristaltic.

The principle of osteopathy is »Life is movement«. This is shown in joint movements, heartbeat, breath, intestinal peristaltic and so forth. If there is any dysfunction of a structure its motion will suffer. Osteopathic treatment recognizes and removes such disorders by restoring natural movement.

Is the movement of a structure restored, the blood flow and a self-healing process are functioning again. It is not a principle of Osteopathy to search for a disease or malfunction, it is rather the search for free motion and health. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of this therapeutic approach stated:

»Everyone can find diseases, finding health is what osteopathy is aiming for.«

Fields of osteopathic therapy

Parietal Osteopathy

Treatment of bones, muscles, and joints

Visceral Osteopathy

Treatment of inner organs

Cranial Osteopathy

Treatment of the head and sacral bone with affect on the nervous system